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Party: Belarus
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Name: Mount Vechernyaya, Enderby Land
Type: Summer
Site Name: Mount Vechernyaya, Enderby Land    Lat: 67º 39´ 35´´ S   Long: 46º 09´ 18´´ E   View in Google Earth Map
Maximum Population: 15
Medical Facilities: The station has a medical outpatient for first aid. The seasonal expeditions include one surgeon. From December 2020, a stationary medical module equipped with all necessary medical equipment will be deployed at the Belarusian Antarctic station. It is planned to include two doctors in the wintering Belarusian Antarctic expeditions from 2021: an anesthesiologist and a surgeon.
Remarks / Description: FACILITIES INFRASTRUCTURE Area under roof (m2) 280 Area scientifi laboratories (m2) 50 Type of scientifi laboratories: Biology, Meteorological, Physics of the atmosphere. Planned - geophysical observatory. Conference room (capacity) 10 Logistic area (m2) 15000 Number of beds 15 Showers Yes Laundry facilities Yes Power supply type Fossil fuel, Renewable - Solar power engineering of 5 kW Power supply (V) 200 Power supply (hours per day) 24 Hydroponics facilities Yes Number of staff on station (peak/summer season) 15 Number of scientists on station (peak/summer season) 8 Number of staff on station (off peak/winter season) 12 Number of scientists on station (off peak/winter season) 5 Max number of personnel at a time (staff, scientists and others) 15 Specifi device/Scientifi equipment: Multi-wave length scanning polarization sun/sky radiometer CE-318N, Spectral albedometer AS-A, Multi-wave length polarization Raman LIDAR, Filter ozonometer M124-M designed to measure TOA in the atmosphere employing “direct sun” (DS) and “zenith” (Z) Scientifi services possible: Columnar optical parameters of atmospheric aerosol. Data are presented in AERONET database. Spectra of diffuse reflction coeffiient (albedo). Profies of the optical and microstructure parameters of aerosol and cloud particles. Long-term monitoring/observations: Start of observations: radiometer, since December, 2008; albedometer, since December 2011; LIDAR, since December, 2012. Filter ozonometer M124-M from 2006/2007. Multi-functional UV Spectroradiometer PION-UV-II from 2007/2008. Autonomous remote system PION-FN from 2015/2016. Semiconductor gas sensor. PION-SO 2007/2008, 2015/2016. Image spectrograph MARS-B 2013/2014. MEDICAL FACILITIES Yes Area of medical facility (m2) 22 Staff with basic medical training or doctor (Summer) 1 Staff with basic medical training or doctor (Winter) planned 2 Capability: Basic, Surgery Equipment:surgical, physiotherapeutic and diagnostic equipment, Anaesthesia, Diagnostic X-ray, Microbiology Distance to hospital (km) Closest emergency facility in Antarctica (km) 1400 Closest emergency facility external (km) 8000 Medical research capabilities Yes Medical screening requirements Yes VEHICLES AT FACILITY Sea transportation: Land transportation: Three snowmobiles, one snow truck, one truck WORKSHOP FACILITIES Metal workshop, Wood workshop COMMUNICATIONS Computer, E-mail, Fax, Printer, Satellite phone and TV, Scanner TRANSPORT AND FREIGHT Access Air, Sea Transport to facility: 4WD, Airplane, Helicopter, Ship, Skidoo, Truck Number of airstrips Length (m) of longest runway 1500 m Width (m) of longest runway 50 m Number of flght visits per year 4 Period of flght visits per year: January, February, November, December Helipad Yes Number of ship visits per year 2 Period of ship visits per year: January, February, March, April, November, December Ship landing facilities: None
Operating Period: From: November To: April
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Description: Comprehensive Environmental Evaluations (CEE) Construction and Operation of Belarusian Antarctic Research Station at Mount Vechernyaya, Enderby Land. Draft Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation. Minsk, 2013 .- 165 p. Presented at ATCM XXXVII. Construction and Operation of Belarusian Antarctic Research Station at Mount Vechernyaya, Enderby Land. Final Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation. Minsk, 2015. - 192 p. Presented at ATCM XXXVIII. Draft and Final CEE are available at: Draft CEE: Final CEE:
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Topic Internal Matters
Description: On the procedure for issuing permits for activities in the Antarctic Treaty area
Date of Effect: 23 Dec 2019
File: ПСМ. Положение - Разрешение.pdf
Contact Point:
Organisation: The Republican centre of Polar researches National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Name: Gaidashov Aleksei
Job Title or Position: The Chief of the Belarus Antarctic expedition, the contact manager
Phone: +375173063740
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