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Party: Sweden
2014/2015 Pre-Season Information
Station Report
Operational Information - National Expeditions - Stations
Name: Reparir of antennas within the MARA project
Type: Wintering
Site Name: Maitri   Lat: 70°45´56´´S   Long: 11°44´8´´E  
Maximum Population: 1
Medical Facilities:
Remarks / Description: One person is given permission to visit Antarctica Januari-Februari 2015 to repair broken antennas within the MARA Project.
Name: Svea
Type: Summer
Site Name: Svea   Lat: 74º 35´ 00´´ S   Long: 11º 13´ 00´´ W  
Maximum Population: 4
Medical Facilities: First Aid Kit
Remarks / Description: The Svea Research Station was built during the 1987/88 Antarctic Expedition, and was the first Swedish research station in Antarctica built since the Maudheim Station in 1949 and the Snow Hill Station in 1901.
Operating Period: From: November To: January
Name: Wasa
Type: Summer
Site Name: Wasa   Lat: 73°30´00´´S   Long: 13°25´12´´W  
Maximum Population: 16
Medical Facilities: First Aid Kit
Remarks / Description: Swedish research station Basen in the N part of Vestfjella, Maudheimvidda. Established 1989 during SWEDARP 1988-89.
Operating Period: From: November To: January

Vessels Report
Aircrat Report
Research Rockets Report
Vessel-Based Report
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Vessel-Based Operations
Name: Lars Ljung
Contact Address:
Email Address:
Website Address:
Name of Vessel: Arianna af Valleviken
Country of Registry: Sweden
Number of Voyages:
Maximum Crew: 3
Maximum Passengers:
Remarks: "Arianna af Valleviken" is sailing from Ushuaia in Argentina to S Shetland Base Arturo, Yankee Harbour, Johnsons dock, Enterprice Island, Portal Pt, Uverville Island, Waterboat Pt, Stella Creek, Duff cove Duchaylard Island and Whalers Bay. Arianna is planning to return to Ushuaia again after the visit. The permission is given to above mentioned desinations to three Swedish citizens from December 2014 to Januari 2015.
Depart. Date Depart. Port Arrival Date Arrival Port Expedition Leader

Land-Based Operations
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Land-Based Operations
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Denial of Authorizations
Area Protection and Management Report
Environmental Information - Area Protection and Management
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Aircrat Report
General Report