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Party: Norway
2013/2014 Pre-Season Information
Station Report
Operational Information - National Expeditions - Stations
Name: Troll
Type: Wintering
Site Name: Troll   Lat: 72°01´S   Long: 2°32´E  
Maximum Population: 24
Medical Facilities: Simple hospital facilities. 1 doctor.
Remarks / Description: Located at Grjotlia, Jutulsessen, Dronning Maud Land (72° 00.7'S, 2°32.3'E) at 1290 m elevation. Established in January 1990, opened as all-year station in February 2005. Closed during 2006 austral winter season, opened again for permanent occupation October 2006.
Name: Tor
Type: Refuge
Site Name: Tor   Lat: 71°55´S   Long: 5°10´E  
Accommodation Capacity: 4
Medical Facilities: None
Remarks / Description: Located at Svarthamaren, Dronning Maud Land (71°53.2'S, 5°09.3'E) at 1625 m elevation. Established in January 1985/January 1993. Last examined in 2011-12 season. Expected available fuel when unoccupied: Presently only small amounts of Jet A-1 for heating/cooking Expected available food when unoccupied: Limited Available equipment: A variety of field equipment for 4 persons is available

Vessels Report
Operational Information - National Expeditions - Vessels
Name: M/V Mary Arctica
Country of Registry: Denmark
Number of Voyages: 1
Maximum Crew: 15
Remarks: The support vessel MV Mary Arctica operated by Royal Arctic Line has been chartered by the Norwegian Polar Institute on behalf of the Belgian, and Norwegian Antarctic operators.
Depart. Date Depart. Port Arrival Date Arrival Port Areas of Operation Purpose
25 Dec 2013 Cape Town 21 Jan 2014 Cape Town
03 Jan 2014 troll cargo site
13 Jan 2014 Crown Bay
Logistic resupply of Troll and Princess Elisabeth

Aircrat Report
Operational Information - National Expeditions - Aircraft
Type: TBD
Number Of Flights: 1
Period From: 15/02/2014
Period To: 20/02/2014
Departure Date Route Purpose
15 Feb 2014 Cape Town - Troll - Cape Town Testflight new aircraft with passangers to/from Troll
Type: various
Period From: 08/11/2013
Period To: 25/02/2014
Remarks: The Norwegian Antarctic Program will charter space for personnel and cargo from ALCI within the framework of Dronning Maud Land Air Network (DROMLAN) with fligths from Cape Town to Novo Airbase and Troll Airfield. The following 7 ALCI flights will be utilized in the context of the Norwegian Antarctic programme during the 2013/14-season: D2 (8.11.13), D3 (19.11.13), D5 (04.12.13), D6 (19.12.13), D7 (8.01.14), D8 (09.02.14), and D9 (24.02.14). Feederflights between Troll and Novo will be associated with the intercontinental flights to Novo Airfield. In addition 2 domestic flights will be chartered between Troll and SANAE for transport of scientific personnel.

Research Rockets Report
Vessel-Based Report
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Vessel-Based Operations
No new information have been provided during the reported period.

Land-Based Operations
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Land-Based Operations
Expedition Name: Project Queen Maud Land 
Method of transportation to/within/from Antarctica: Ski
Activities: Camping, Climbing, Speed-riding (ski), wind suit gliding, Skiing
Number of Participants: 7
Date begin: 18 Dec 2013
Date end: 09 Feb 2014
Number of personnel:
Name: Aleksander Gamme
Contact Address: Kirkeveien 90D, 0364 Oslo
Email Address:
Website Address:
Location of Activities
Dronning Maud Land
Expedition Name: Trans-Antarctic skiing expedition 2013-2014 
Method of transportation to/within/from Antarctica: skiing
Activities: Camping, Skiing
Number of Participants: 1
Date begin: 15 Nov 2013
Date end: 15 Jan 2014
Number of personnel:
Name: Faysal Hanneche
Contact Address: Slettesmovegen 14, 2420 Trysil
Email Address:
Website Address:
Location of Activities

Denial of Authorizations
Area Protection and Management Report
Environmental Information - Area Protection and Management
ASPA: Number:  142    Name:  Svarthamaren (More Details)
Permit Number:
Number of people permitted: 3
Permit Period: From:  09 Nov 2013   To:  10 Feb 2014
Purpose: To conduct research (within the framework of hte Norwegian Antarctic Research Expeditons) with a primary objective to understand how interactions between changes in oceanographic conditions (and in particular sea-ice dynamics) and foraging behaviour affect Antarctic seabird demography and their population dynamics. The project is a part of the primary research allowed for through the management plan for the area.
Summary of activities: Ringing, blood sampling and fitting of gps on a number of Antarctic petrel, snow petrel and south polar skua. Separate permit is required for this activity. The project has three field seasons, and similar permits for activities in the ASPA will be required in the two next austral summer season. Note that the permit is for max 4 people entering the ASPA at the time, but covers 4-6 individuals per season.
Event or project name/number: NARE: Response of Antarctic Seabirds to a changing Environment
Aircrat Report
General Report