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Party: India
Permanent Information
Automatic Recording Stations Report
Scientific Information - Automatic Recording Stations / Observatories
Site Name: Bharati   Lat: 69º 24´ 25´´ S   Long: 76º 11´ 42´´ E  
Type: AWS
Elevation: 46
Parameters Recorded:
Observation Frequency: 1 Minute
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment: Campbell Scientific instrument
Site Name: Bharati   Lat: 69º 24´ 25´´ S   Long: 76º 11´ 42´´ E  
Type: Self Recording Instruments
Elevation: 46
Parameters Recorded:
Observation Frequency:
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment: i.Digital fluxgate Magnetometer ii. Proton precession magnetometer iii. Global electric circuit. iv. GPS v. VLF receiver vi. Induction coil magnetometer vii. Radon geostation
Site Name: IIG Laboratory Maitri   Lat: 70º 45´ 55´´ S   Long: 11º 44´ 04´´ E  
Type: Geomagneism Observatory
Elevation: 114
Parameters Recorded: S.No Title of the experiment 1 Total Geomagnetic field Using Proton Precession Magnetometer 2 Geomagnetic Field Components H,D and Z uing Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer 3 Air Earth Current Long wire-Electrometer 4 Maxwell Current Long wiere-Electrometer 5 Potential Gradient-EFM100 6 Potential Gradient Field mill 7 Global Positioning System 8 Induction coil mangetometer 9 Imaging Riometer 10 Automatic Weather Station
Observation Frequency: One Second to 30 seconds
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment:
Site Name: IMD Obsrvatory   Lat: 70º 45´ 59´´ S   Long: 11º 44´ 53´´ E  
Type: AWS
Elevation: 127
Parameters Recorded: air pressure, air temperature, humidity, radiation, wind direction, wind speed
Observation Frequency: One minute to 10 minutes
Reference Number: 89514
Scientific Equipment: Other installation details with locations and functionality ---- 1. High speed wind recorder - IMD lab (location) - to measure wind speed and direction 2. Surface ozone measurement - IMD lab (Location) - to measure surface ozone 3. Sun photometer - IMD lab (location) - to measure aerosol optical depth 4. UV analyzer - Nanda Devi Hut (location) - to measure surface ozone 5. Upper air radio sonde & ozone sonde - IMD lab - to measurevertical profile of atmosphere like temperature , pressure and ozone

Site Name: MARA-Maitri   Lat: 70º 46´ 01´´ S   Long: 11º 43´ 41´´ E  
Type: Automatic Recording Online Transmission
Elevation: 130
Parameters Recorded: Wind, turbulence
Observation Frequency: Three Minutes
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment: Moveable Atmospheric Radar for Antarctica (MARA) Installation Date: January 2014 Collaborative Organization and PI name : Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Prof. Sheila Kirkwood National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, India : Dr Satheesan K Objective: Study of turbulence and waves in the Atmosphere
Site Name: NCAOR/NGRI Observatory   Lat: 70º 45´ 57´´ S   Long: 11º 44´ 08´´ E  
Type: Seismometer, GPS and WWLN
Elevation: 114
Parameters Recorded: 1 Seismometer 2 Global Positioning System 3 World Wide Lightning Network (sferics)
Observation Frequency: Seismometer 50 samples /sec Global Positioning System 30 sec
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment:
Site Name: NPL Observatory   Lat: 70º 45´ 56´´ S   Long: 11º 44´ 06´´ E  
Type: GPC, VLF and Ionosonde Observations
Elevation: 114
Parameters Recorded: 1 Digital Ionosonde 2 VLF experiment 3 Global Positioning system
Observation Frequency: Digital Ionosonde 1 fram/15 minutes, VLF experiment 1sec, Global Positioning system 15 sec
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment:
Site Name: Sankalp Point   Lat: 70º 47´ 41´´ S   Long: 11º 41´ 43´´ E  
Type: AWS
Elevation: 142
Parameters Recorded: 1 Ambient temperature (Instant, Max, Min & Average) 2 Snow/Ice surface temperature 3 Incoming radiation 4 Outgoing radiation 5 Net Radiation 6 Sun Duration 7 Wind speed 8 Wind direction 9 Atmospheric pressure 10 Relative humidity (%)
Observation Frequency: One Hour to 30 Seconds
Reference Number:
Scientific Equipment:

Permanent Station Report
Operational Information - Stations
Name: Bharati
Type: Wintering
Site Name: Bharati   Lat: 69º 24´ 25´´ S   Long: 76º 11´ 42´´ E   View in Google Earth Map
Maximum Population: 47
Date Established: 2012
Accommodation Facilities: 15 persons can be accommodated during winter and 32 persons can be accommodated during summer season
Medical Facilities: One medical doctor throughout the winter over period and two medical doctors during austral summer available at station.
Remarks / Description: Communication IRIDIUM: 008816 77703122 E-MAIL:
Link (URL):
Search and Rescue Information: Two helicopters available during austral summer season
Name: Maitri
Type: Wintering
Site Name: Maitri   Lat: 70°45´56´´S   Long: 11°44´8´´E   View in Google Earth Map
Maximum Population: 25
Date Established: 1989
Accommodation Facilities: 25 persons during winter and 40 during summer season can be accommodated at Maitri station
Medical Facilities: Two medical doctors are available during summer and winter season
Remarks / Description: Comminucation: INMARSAT PHONE NO. 00870-641902726 INMARSAT FAX NO. 00870-641902727 MAITRI IRIDIUM-1: 008816 314 47069 MAITRI IRIDIUM-2 008816 314 47517 E-MAIL:,
Link (URL):
Search and Rescue Information: One/Two helicoptors available during summer season

Permanent Vessels Report
Operational Information - Vessels
Name: We do not own any ship
Flag of State:
Ice Strength:
Gross Tonnage:
Link to CONNAMP data:
Description / Remarks: We charter Ice-class vessel every year to facilitate the Indian Antarctic Expedition
Search and Rescue Information: nearest SAR Centre is Cape Town, South Africa. We start and terminate voyage at Cape Town very year during Austral Summer

Aircraft Report
Operational Information - Aircraft
Type: Nil
Number: Nil
Remarks: We do not own any Aircraft. We use ALCI facility for tranportation of expedition members and material to Schirmacher Hills and Larsemann Hills
Search and Rescue Information:

Compliance with the Protocol Report
Environmental Information - Compliance with the Protocol
Title of Measure: Follow up of Recommendations of Inspections
Description of Measure: Inspections of the Maitri station were carried out in the last few years and the teams that visited the station offered valuable suggestions to improve the environmental quality of the station and associated activities. Accordingly, an implementation plan was perceived to carry through their suggestions. As a result, Background Papers, BP-22 (XXXV-ATCM), BP-10 (XVII-ATCM), and BP-14 (XXXVIII-ATCM) outline the execution of the recommendations. A summary of different recommendations and status report of the implementation work carried out and the future course of action may be read in BPs.
Date of Effect: 01/01/2014
File: ATCM39_bp005_e (1).doc

Environmental Impact Assessment: Procedures Report
Environmental Information - Environmental Impact Assessment (Procedures)
Description: To carry out EIA of any activity, procedure developed by Ministry of Environment, Forest and climate Change as well as guidelines developed by Central Pollution Control Board has been adopted. In addition, guidelines developed by CEP/ATCM/COMNAP on environmental monitoring and Impact Assessment within the purview of protocol is also followed systematically
Link (URL):

Waste Management Plans Report
Environmental Information - Waste Disposal and Waste Management (Waste Management Plans)
Title: Follow up on Recommendations of Inspections
Fixed Site/Field Camp/Ship:
File: BP-India-23-04-16.pdf
Title: Environmental Management Plan 1995-1996
Fixed Site/Field Camp/Ship: Maitri and Bharati Station
Objective: Waste management plan is already defined and implemented, which is in practice at Maitri and Bharati stations.
Contact Point:
Name: Anoop Tiwari
Job Title or Position: Scientist
Phone: +91 832 2525 603
File: 15-ISEA-Waste Management Plan.pdf

Waste Management Inventory of Past Activities Report
Prevention of Marine Pollution: Measures Report
Environmental Information - Prevention of Marine Pollution
Description of Measure: MARPOL and PROTOCOL is strictly followed

Area Protection and Management: Measures Report
Environmental Information - Area Protection and Management (Measures)
Description of Measure: A team visits yearly/once in two years for maintenance purpose to ASPA 163

Contingency Plans Report
Environmental Information - Contingency Plans
Title: Maitri and Bharati Stations
Scope/coverage of the plan: For oil spills and other environmental emergencies, necessary arrangements have been done at both the stations i.e. protective base layer, oil absorbent and availability of other material. Contingency Plan is under preparation
Objective: Contingency plans are being developed
Contact Point:
Organisation: NCPOR
Name: Anoop Tiwari
Job Title or Position: Scientist "E"
Phone: 8322525603

Relevant National Legislation Report
Other Information - Relevant National Legislation
Title: Indian Antarctic Legislation
Topic Antarctic Treaty
Description: Being developed
Date of Effect: 18 Mar 2015
Contact Point:
Organisation: National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research
Name: Dr Ravichandran M
Job Title or Position: Director
Phone: +91 832 2525 501
General Report