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Party: Finland
2018/2019 Pre-Season Information
Station Report
Operational Information - National Expeditions - Stations
Name: Aboa
Type: Summer
Site Name: Aboa   Lat: 73º 03´ 00´´ S   Long: 13º 25´ 00´´ W  
Maximum Population: 16
Medical Facilities: Medical container with field hospital eq. Medical personnel may be present in operative seasons.
Remarks / Description:
Operating Period: From: November To: February

Vessels Report
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Vessel-Based Report
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Vessel-Based Operations
Name: Pekka ja Riitta Kauppila
Contact Address: Frazione Palazzo 262A, 60011 Arcevia
Email Address:,
Website Address:
Name of Vessel: S/Y Sarema
Country of Registry: Finland
Number of Voyages:
Maximum Crew: 2
Maximum Passengers: 2
Remarks: Expedition will visit: Deception lsland (62°56’S, 60°08’W) Hovgaard lsland (65°08’S, 64°08’W) Pleneau lsland (65°06’S, 64°04’W), Booth Island (65°04’S, 64°00’W), Yalour lsland (65°14’S, 64°10’W), Vernadsky (65°15S, 64°15’W), Goudier lsland (65°50S, 63°30’W), Paradise Harbour (65°54S, 62°52’W), Cuverville lsland (64°41’S, 62°38’W), Melchior Archipelago (64°19’S, 62°57’W), Yankee Harbour (62°32S, 59°47’W), Enterprise lsland (64°32’S, 62°00’W) and Portal Point (64°30’S, 61 °46’W).
Depart. Date Depart. Port Arrival Date Arrival Port Expedition Leader
15 Feb 2019 Puerto Williams, Chile 30 Mar 2019 Puerto Williams, Chile Kauppila Pekka

Land-Based Operations
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Land-Based Operations
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Denial of Authorizations
Area Protection and Management Report
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