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Party: Czech Republic
2017/2018 Pre-Season Information
Station Report
Operational Information - National Expeditions - Stations
Name: Johann Gregor Mendel Czech Antarctic station
Type: Summer
Site Name: James Ross Island   Lat: 63º 48´ 00´´ S   Long: 57º 53´ 00´´ W  
Maximum Population: 20
Medical Facilities: Medical care maintained by Czech physician; Argentinian Marambio Station (Seymour Island) in case of emergencies.
Remarks / Description:
Operating Period: From: December To: March
Name: Nelson Structures
Type: Summer
Site Name: Eco Nelson Structures, Nelson Island   Lat: 62º 15´ 00´´ S   Long: 58º 59´ 00´´ W  
Maximum Population: 12
Medical Facilities: First aid and basic care only.
Remarks / Description: At the present state, all current structures of the (originally Eco Nelson Base) station are to be renewed/rebuilt for scientific purposes; operated by the Czech National Antarctic Programme from 2018.
Operating Period: From: January To: March

Vessels Report
Aircrat Report
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Vessel-Based Report
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Vessel-Based Operations
No new information have been provided during the reported period.

Land-Based Operations
Operational Information - Non Governmental Expeditions - Land-Based Operations
Expedition Name: Filmova expedice FREM  
Method of transportation to/within/from Antarctica: ship
Activities: shooting a movie
Number of Participants: 4
Date begin: 20 Oct 2017
Date end: 17 Nov 2017
Number of personnel: 4
Name: Tomáš Klein
Contact Address: Bořivojova 623/100, Praha 3, 130 00
Email Address:
Website Address:
Location of Activities
20 Oct 2017 King George Island, Arctowski Station
Routes: From Arctowski Station to Ecuatorian Refuge

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Area Protection and Management Report
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Aircrat Report
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